Ex-Cameron adviser Dan Korski is on the look-out for people to back an innovative new fund

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The Silicon Roundabout In Old Street
The fund is looking for tens of millions of pounds of investment (Source: Getty)

One of David Cameron’s fellow Brexit vote victims is on the hunt for backers for a fund that will invest in public sector technology projects.

Dan Korski, who quit his role as special adviser to David Cameron following Britain's decision to leave the EU, is planning to launch a new "govtech" fund. And, according to reports by Sky News, is lining up Eileen Burbidge, a leading investor in early-stage technology companies, to provide seed capital.

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Venture capitalists LocalGlobe, headed-up by South African start-up guru Robin Klein, is also believed to be involved.

No formal funding plan has currently been committed to, but presentations have been prepared and shown to prospective investors.

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Sources told Sky News that if the plans went ahead, tens of millions of pounds of external investor money would be used to invest into a range of start-up businesses.

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