Snapchat Spectacles: The only way to buy them is via secret vending machines

Lynsey Barber
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A Snapchat bot for selling Spectacles
A Bot vending machine will sell Snapchat Spectacles (Source: Snapchat)

Remember Snapchat's surprise move into hardware?

The app revealed plans for a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera in September, and now it has revealed how it plans to get them into people's hands on to people's faces that might leave many people frustrated.

No shop displays or online ordering for the newly re-named Snap - Spectacles are being dispensed from one single vending machine that's currently located near the company's headquarters at Venice Beach in Los Angeles. It's calling it a bot.

Talk about hype...

There's nothing like making something scarce to increase demand.

A queue has already formed.

There will be more locations, however, and Snap have made it slightly easier to find them with a map showing, for now, the California vending machine

Already, some of those people lucky enough to get their hands on them are taking advantage. Two pairs are already listed on eBay. Bids have started at around the £140 mark, or, you can buy now if you're willing to fork out £700 odd quid.

Watch: What are Snapchat Specatacles?

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