Reports: Donald Trump considering JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon for treasury secretary spot

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Is Trump about to give the thumbs up to the JP Morgan boss? (Source: Getty)

Although Donald Trump's policies might still look a little vague, it looks like his advisers have started dropping hints about who they want to take the top spot in the treasury.

Trump's advisers have suggested the new president-elect should take on JP Morgan chairman and chief executive Jamie Dimon as treasury secretary, according to CNBC.

However, chances of Dimon joining up with Trump for a career in politics look slim. The JP Morgan boss has previously publicly stated he would not be interested in the role.

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The reports could bring a sigh of relief to Wall Street. Although the country is still grappling with the uncertainty caused by the shock White House race victory, firms are likely to see it as a positive that the new President could be keen to appoint somebody business-friendly to a key role.

Some people in banking might be feeling confused as to what a Trump presidency means for the future of their industry, particularly given he previously pledged to repeal the Dodd-Frank set of reforms.

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While CNBC noted it was not clear who in Trump's inner circle had put the idea of appointing Dimon on the table or how far along the appointment considerations were, the man himself has voiced conflicting views about the bank boss on his Twitter feed.

JP Morgan has declined to comment.

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