All the important non-Trump news you need to know

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The US election is not the only news today (Source: Getty)

It's not all about Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton to the White House, even though it might feel that way right now.

Here's our round up of the latest non-election news you need to know.

A tram crashed in Croydon

Several people have been killed after a tram derailed in Croydon. The driver has been arrested and emergency services are still working to rescue some people who are trapped inside. Here's the latest.

Sainsbury's showed a mixed bag

Supermarkets continue to struggle, and Sainsbury's snuck in a new update on its own progress – it was a bit of a mixed bag and shares are down. Here's more.

Burberry had a silver lining

Profits at the struggling luxury retailer fell by a quarter in the first half of the year. But there was a rather fashionable silver lining thanks to Brexit – a fall in sterling did boost sales as international types travelled to Britain to pick up a bargain. Read more.

Tesco revealed the cost of its cyber attack (so far)

Tesco has been forced to refund customers after a cyber attack to the tune of £2.3m it's been revealed. The number of people affected is slightly fewer than first thought, however; 9,000 customers.

Full service has now resumed after being suspended and top authorities are still investigating who was behind the fraud.

The UK's growth forecasts got a downgrade

The European Commission has downgraded its forecasts for UK economic growth next year, and Brexit's to blame.

The US voted in favour of marijuana

In addition to electing a new President, the US also headed to the ballot box to make a choice on legalising cannabis in some states – California, Nevada and Massechusettes gave a big fat thumbs up to recreational use, while Arizona said no. Florida and South Dakota gave it the green light for medicinal use.

US election: What you need to know

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