Canadian immigration website crashes as Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton looms in US Presidential election

Caitlin Morrison
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Speaks To The Press At The United Nations
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be welcoming a huge influx of immigrants soon (Source: Getty)

The Canadian immigration website has crashed this morning as Donald Trump looks increasingly likely to take the White House.

Trump is fast approaching the number of electoral colleges he needs to claim victory over rival Hillary Clinton, with 244 to the Democrat's 215.

"Moving to Canada" was an option stated by several Americans when asked what a Trump win would mean for them - although it was assumed to be a somewhat tongue in cheek remark.

However it seems the country's immigration service website at has been overpowered before the final result has even been announced.

The news of Trump's strong performance has hit the dollar hard - the greenback has plunged against most major currencies.

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