US voters just want the election to be over but have voted for a strong leader

Oliver Gill
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Ted Cruz Holds Super Tuesday Election Night Watch Party In Home State Of Texas
Does Uncle Sam ever want this to end? (Source: Getty)

Instead of sharing their joy at the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights, Americans looked forward to going to the polls today so that the whole thing can be over and done with.

A Morning Consult/Politico exit poll showed that a whopping 85 per cent of voters just wanted the election to be over when asked how they felt about the 2016 race to the White House.

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Anxiousness and nervousness were the next two prevailing feelings with almost a quarter saying they felt both. Just half of voters were angry about the whole process.

Strength over values?

Slightly concerning for some is an another exit poll by Morning Consult/Politico that revealed that strong leadership was the one value that Americans valued ahead of anything else.

Over a third of respondents (36 per cent) said that they decide to vote based on which candidate was the strongest leader.

In news that maybe of concern to those hoping for a Clinton victory, less than one in six voters were guided to cast their vote for the person who most shared their values.

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In comparison to how people measured the respective importance in 2012, the results were almost the opposite. Four years ago, only 18 per cent felt strong leadership was the driving force behind their vote, while 27 per cent voted for the candidate who most shared their values.

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