Gina Miller condemns "shameful" and "disgraceful" media coverage of Article 50 case

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Gina Miller is the figurehead for the high-profile court case (Source: Getty)

Gina MIller, the woman who led the high profile legal challenge to Article 50, has insisted the case is about the way we leave Europe and not about changing the outcome of June's referendum.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show on Sunday Morning, she hit back at the response of some media to the case, which she won at the High Court on Thursday and in which a judge ruled parliament should be given a vote on Article 50 being triggered.

She called some coverage of the case shameful and said it had brought out "a dark side of society"

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Barristers also hit back yesterday at the "serious and unjustified attacks on the judiciary" following the judgement.

"This is not about the referendum vote, this is about how we leave the EU, and the papers, in my view, have behaved disgracefully . I'd like to challenge them to actually hav they read the case? Have they read the judgement? Because the elephant in the room is actually about leaving the EU, it's not about reversing leaving the EU," said Miller.

She said it was "misdirection" for the Prime Minister to say the case was a matter of parliamentary sovereignty and that it had already given the people the vote, which now must be followed.

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"The case is that she cannot use something called the prerogative to do it, because we do not live in a tin-pot dictatorship. We live in a country that has a sovereign parliament," said Miller.

"We have the rule of law, and it's British judges, in a British court who have made a decision about how we leave. And so now, get on and leave. Why is she so afraid of having this debate?"

Watch: Gina Miller talks about the media response to the Article 50 legal case

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