World's most ground-breaking battle ships to be built on the Clyde

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New Warship Undergoes Builders Trials
More ships are needed to replace tired defence equipment (Source: Getty)

The most advanced warships in the world are going to be built in Britain next summer, according to reports.

The Times reports that defence secretary Michael Fallon has said the Royal Navy's eight new ships will be constructed on the Clyde, as part of a contract with BAE Systems.

The frigates will be Type 26 global combat ships, loaded with Sea Ceptor anti-air missiles and a helicopter. The job of these new warships will be to guard Britain's nuclear submarines from detection by other boats.

The anti-air missiles are designed for defence, not attack, and have a short to medium range.

The ships will also be tasked with escorting the navy's new aircraft carriers, although it is not yet clear when these carriers will start being used.

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The navy currently has thirteen Type 23 ships, which need replacing.

Hinting that the defence investment is part of a plan to block a vote for independence from Scotland, Fallon said: "There is billions of pounds of work here for the Clyde, keeping the shipyards here in work for the next 20 years. We’re investing in Scotland on the basis that Scotland will be staying in the United Kingdom.

"By investing now in the most advanced combat ships on the planet, I hope we will also inspire the next generation with this work programme through to 2035."

David Mundell, the Scottish secretary, said: "This is a great day for the Clyde, a great day for Scotland and a great day for our defence forces across the United Kingdom."

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