Ministers plan for an early election

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High Court Judges Decide That The Prime Minister Can't Trigger Brexit Without MP's Approval
Investment manager Gina Miller led the Article 50 action (Source: Getty)

Conservative ministers are preparing for an early general election after a court verdict on Article 50 derailed Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit timetable.

The idea of an early election is now being "openly discussed" by the government, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The news comes after three High Court judges ruled that the question of whether Article 50 should be triggered would have to be put to a vote in parliament. Several MPs and peers said that they would start making plans to delay or block Brexit.

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The government is now appealing against the High Court ruling and taking the issue to the Supreme Court.

The Article 50 action has been led by investment manager Gina Miller, who has maintained that the case is about process, not politics.

She said: "It was the right decision because we were dealing with the sovereignty of parliament. It was not about winning or losing. It was about what was right. Now we can move forward with legal clarity."

However, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said he was worried that "a betrayal may be near at hand".

Farage tweeted: "I now fear that every attempt will be made to block or delay the triggering of Article 50. If this is so, they have no idea of the level of public anger they will provoke."

Yesterday, Conservative MP and Leave supporter Stephen Phillips resigned saying he was worried the government was not following policies that he was elected to support. Phillips' resignation was seen as a sign that the government was not doing enough to deliver Brexit.

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