Researchers have discovered why we can't resist the latest tech upgrades

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Apple Fans Start Queuing For iPhone 6
The queues for the new iPhone are as inevitable as the constant upgrades. (Source: Getty)
ver wondered why your rationality goes out the window as soon as the new MacBook or iPhone 7 is announced, and you just have to have it?

Even when its latest features seem a little odd (who needs a boring old USB port anyway?) or you run the risk of buying something that might spontaneously combust, the temptation to upgrade is strong. And here's why.

Researchers have discovered that when consumers get the option of a perceived upgrade, they completely forget to evaluate their current kit, leading to ‘comparison neglect’.

The science of want

Previous research has showed that we rely heavily on comparisons when making decisions like whether to buy the latest iPhone. Being in the brand new tree-filled new Apple store might also help.

However, comparison neglect seems to blind consumers, even though they know that they should be comparing new releases to their current model.

Researcher Sela LeBoeuf of Washington University found that 95% of those involved thought comparisons were important. But as soon as consumers were asked to choose between the status quo and a shiny new upgrade, even when they had a full list of features for both, they didn’t compare features at all.

Only when the subjects were explicitly told to compare the two products did fewer of them take the upgrade.

“Unless we tell them to compare, they don't do it. They don't use the information in the way they themselves say they should be using it. That's what makes this so surprising," said LeBoeuf.

So why fight it? Check out the shiny new MacBook Pro below:

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