Here's a round up of all the rumours about the John Lewis Christmas ad

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Can't wait for the ad (Source: Youtube)

The internet is going wild about when an ad will hit TV screens.

That's right, the John Lewis Christmas ad cometh - and before it's even out, the mums of cyberspace have been speculating about what it will be like, even though it will be played on tellyboxes ad nauseum until Christmas day arrives.

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Mumsnet has looked into the Christmas crystal ball to answer all the pressing questions people might have about the advertisement.

The users of the website have made these stunning predictions about the advertisement:

  • It's out today
  • There will be an adorable child
  • It will feature a "chaotic family household"
  • The message of the advertisement will be "a simple appreciation of Christmas and all that it means"
  • The soundtrack will be a "tearjerker"
  • It will be sentimental
  • It will be precisely 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

City A.M. has made the following predictions:

  • It's out next week
  • The message of the advertisement will be "simply buy John Lewis swag this Christmas"
  • The artist on the soundtrack will make a killing
  • It will be lucrative
  • It will feature a dog

Some Twitter users have predicted John Lewis might take the opportunity to pay homage to the dearly departed David Bowie.

Mumsnet users have also suggested the advertisement will be "hellbent on making viewers cry". A small collection said it will be "a post-apocalyptic dystopian nightmare", which even the most cynical of commentators might say is a bit strong.

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A small majority of people suggested the ad will feature a celebrity "extolling the importance of cooperative labour practices". The John Lewis Partnership has come under fire this week for considering further curbs to staff benefits and Waitrose has ended paid breaks for staff.

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet chief executive, applauded John Lewis for its feminist stance on advertisements.

She said: "Many retailers' Christmas ads portray dads as incompetent children and mothers as responsible for every seasonal task bar carving the turkey. 

"John Lewis ads may be a bit too sugary for some, but at least - on past form - they mostly avoid perpetuating boring stereotypes." 

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