Article 50 campaigners have raised £30,000 in less than four hours to fight the government in the Supreme Court

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A crowdfunding scheme set up to support a legal challenge on the government's right to activate Article 50 has raised more than £30,000 in just over four hours.

Grahame Pigney, one of the interested parties behind a bid to block Theresa May from quitting the EU without parliamentary approval, created the funding page earlier today.

And following the government's defeat in the High Court this morning, it has seen a flood of donations from people seeking to continue the fight after the government launched an appeal.

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The Supreme Court is expected to hear the case in early December, with Downing Street determined to press ahead with Article 50 before April next year.

Pigney is seeking to raise £75,000 to support the next round of the fight, and had raised £32,230 in donations by 17.00 today. Fundraising started at 12.55 today.

The sum comes from a total of 821 donors, making the average donation just under £40.

Pigney previously raised 5,000 donations totalling £170,000 to take the case to the High Court.

"In the Supreme Court we will defend our position with the same vigour and commitment as we brought to bear when arguing the case in the divisional court," Pigney said.

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