MPs are set to draw up their own list of objectives for Theresa May's talks with the EU

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Jeremy Corbyn Sacks Hilary Benn Over Leadership Coup
Benn defeated Brexiteer Kate Hoey in a battle to chair the committe last month (Source: Getty)

Parliament's new Brexit watchdog has launched a probe into Theresa May's plans for negotiations with the EU.

The Brexit select committee met for the first time yesterday, and its newly elected chair, Hilary Benn, has now revealed that MPs will investigate the objectives of the UK in quitting the EU.

Benn's committee, which includes prominent Brexiteers like Michael Gove, will seek to establish what the UK's goals should be, as well as the opportunity for transitional deals.

It will also look at the government's capacity to meet those objectives. The Brexit committee is now accepting written evidence.

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“This will allow us to explore what areas need to be negotiated, where the Government aims to be by the end of the Article 50 process, and the capacity of the new Department for Exiting the EU to deliver this,” Benn said, adding that MPs would visit Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to gather evidence.

The Labour MP also revealed that committee members will appoint a vice-chair at the next meeting.

The committee features 21 MPs, prompting some to questions its effectiveness compared to the smaller equivalent groups that shadow other government departments.

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