Best Twitter reactions to the news that triggering Article 50 will require a parliamentary vote

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High Court Judges Decide That The Prime Minister Can't Trigger Brexit Without MP's Approval
The government cannot trigger article 50 without a vote from MPs (Source: Getty)

Today the High Court ruled that the government could not trigger Article 50 without MPs having a vote in parliament.

Theresa May had maintained that the government could use a royal prerogative to trigger the two years of talks. The government will now challenge the decision in the Supreme Court.

The case was brought in the aftermath of the EU referendum to determine whether an Act of Parliament needs to be put in place before government triggers Article 50, or whether government has the prerogative to start the UK’s EU withdrawal process by itself.

The news caused sterling to jump against the dollar, nudging above $1.24 for the first time in days before falling back slightly to $1.2384.

But everyone has an opinion on the latest news. Here are the best reactions:

Labour have just issued a press release... spelling the name of their own leader wrong. You could NOT make this up.

Oh, and it's an hour after the court ruling too.

Suzanne Evans, Ukip leadership candidate, thinks we should be able to sack judges.

Meanwhile, former Ukip leader Nigel Farage said he feared a "betrayal" was near...

Tim Farron thinks that the British people voted for a "departure but not a destination".

David Lammy, a Labour MP, says this is what REAL sovereignty looks like. Not like any of that fake sovereignty. Oh no.

Millionaire plumber Charlie Mullins has been involved in the challenge. He's happy at the news...

Some remainers are, understandably, pretty pleased. They think it means they will be able to get more say on the kind of Brexit that will take place.

Some journalists are upset at the rise in the pound - darn. Fair play to you, Jamie.

Students just want to know what's going on. Will someone think of the students?

Of course, it's gif-central today.

And other people are pointing out the huge irony of Brexiteers being upset at courts upholding parliamentary sovereignty, arguing that this is what they wanted in the referendum.

But to sum up...

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