How much would you pay for a satanic new five pound note? This eBay seller's hoping for more than £666

Rebecca Smith
How much is yours worth?
How much is yours worth? (Source: Getty)

Somebody with a devilish sense of humour has put a new five pound note on eBay for a cool £300,000.

Why so much, you ask? It's a satanic fiver of course - the serial number is 666 making it a pretty rare number indeed.

Now people are willing to shell out for some of the rarer new fivers out there: those with the AA01 serial number are particularly sought after. One of the very first new ones went for an eye-watering £4,150 at auction, with the lowest serial number available to the public: AA01 000017.

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Somebody else sold a fiver for £80,000 because it had AK47 in the code.

But £300,000 is really upping the stakes.

The seller had said: "A very RARE £5 note unfolded serial number AL53 666 282

"53 representing coronation year 666 sign of the devil Lucifer

"282 could also represent 2nd of April 1982 Falklands War."

The item was said to be in "immaculate condition". Another 666 new fiver was put up for sale for £20,000 with the serial number AL1666, though apparently the 1 before the 666 makes it a fair bit less valuable.

(Source: eBay)

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So how can you make a quick buck from your new five pound note?

It's got to be first off the press, so serial numbers beginning AA01 or the end of a press and a sequential set of serial numbers in a set of numbers. Those have been selling for upwards of £161.

The new fiver isn't the only money causing a stir though. The introduction of a new £1 coin has resulted in the government started a campaign to raise awareness as it's a drastically different shape to the old one. It could be a tricky fit for vending machines for example.

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