Haka-lujah: New Zealand named world's number one country for prosperity

William Turvill
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New Zealand v Argentina - Group C: Rugby World Cup 2015
New Zealand beat Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Canada to the top (Source: Getty)

New Zealand has been named as the world’s most prosperous country by a new report out today.

The nation is followed by Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Canada in the 10th Legatum Prosperity Index.

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Yemen, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo came bottom in the list of 149 nations.

Top five most prosperous countries

1: New Zealand

2: Norway

3: Finland

4: Switzerland

5: Canada

The UK comes in 10th place in the rankings.

But it is one of the best performing countries given its wealth, behind only New Zealand and Finland.

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Baroness Stroud, chief executive of the Legatum Institute, said:

The Prosperity Index is the clearest lens with which to see the world as it is. Senator Robert Kennedy was right when he said: 'GDP measures everything, except that which makes life worthwhile.'

True prosperity encompasses what makes life worthwhile. It is as much about social wellbeing as it is about economic wellbeing.

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