The top 10 careers where parents have no clue what you do

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Who knows? Not parents when it comes to careers (Source: Getty)

The world of work is changing and many of our careers look very different to the ones that our parents pursued.

That evolution of jobs is creating a chasm of misunderstanding, it turns out, with mums and dads left completely clueless as to what their kids' jobs really involve.

The majority of parents don't know what their children do for a living - a whopping 71 per cent in fact, according to new research from LinkedIn.

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That mismatch has spurred the social network to put on an annual bring your parents to work day, which is just around the corner on 4 November, but also dig a bit deeper into exactly what jobs are causing such consternation.

And while there are several new careers that understandably create confusion, even banking leaves them baffled.

Investment banker is one of the top 10 most misunderstood jobs in the UK, as is actuary. Commiserations also go to the social media and PR manager out there - good luck parent-splaining!

Top 10 jobs most misunderstood by parents

1. UI designer

2. Data scientist

3. Actuary

4. Social media manager

=5. Sub editor

=5. Sociologist

7. Investment banker

=8. Radio producer

=8. PR manager

10. Software developer

Just six per cent of parents in the UK make a habit of bragging about their kids' career success, a far smaller proportion than mums and dads in other countries, such as the US, India and Sweden.

They may not understand or boast about your success, but they certainly don't think they can do better than you. Just 12 per cent said thy would like to do their kids' job and nearly a quarter said they'd probably get fired if they did give it a whirl.

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“Our research shows that although our parents are proud of our achievements, there is a worrying lack of understanding when it comes to our professional lives,” said LinkedIn's Darain Faraz.

Take a look at just how awkward it is having to explain to your parents what you do - and how clueless they are - in this hilarious video.

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