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Sugar by name, but not by nature. (Source: Getty)

In last night's episode, Lord Sugar gave the candidates a food task, meaning everybody messed around in a kitchen for half the episode.

Even though they were making sweets, no one called their brand “Lord Sugar”, proving none of them really have what it takes to win. Although the phrase “business acumen” was only used twice, so they are improving...

Of course the real challenge came when they tried to sell their homemade candy by the seaside, with a salt and vinegar-flavoured fudge proving too wacky even for Brighton.

Here’s what happened (be warned: there are spoilers).

Karthik was up to his old tricks again

After his telling-off from Lord Sugar last week, Karthik was slightly better behaved this episode. He seemed to be in his element selling sweets on the streets of Brighton, and his confidence was sky-high, even in that hat.

Everyone struggled with maths

Mukai fluffed the maths with his corporate client and Alana’s one for £3.50, two for £7 deal was less than impressive.

Let’s not forget why we’re here - these candidates have business ideas they’re trying to flog to Lord Sugar. You’d expect them to display a grasp of basic arithmetic. Would you invest £250,000 in someone who couldn’t use a calculator?

Everyone struggled with sales

You might also assume selling is a basic skill all candidates would need to get on the show in the first place. You're wrong.

While attempting to sell sweets to the bosses at Brighton & Hove Albion FC, Sofiane tried the hard sell. For him, that just meant repeating his initial offer until the client asked him to stop.">

Even this shopkeeper laughed at his style.

Sofiane had a rough day

Before he started showing off his less-than-honed sales technique, he shocked the group with the above gaffe. Used to an all-boys team, his comments didn’t go down as well in a mixed group.

He didn't seem that comfortable in the boardroom either.

The professionals who have to interact with the candidates were as underwhelmed as ever

Do you ever have one of those days where everyone crowds around your desk, points at your screen and tells you what to do because they can’t do it themselves? Such is the life of an Apprentice packaging designer.

Oliver the sausage-god was booted off

Despite Lord Sugar’s soft spot for him in the first week, Oliver was for the chop after displaying poor organisation in this challenge.

Before booting him off, Lord Sugar told the sausage manufacturer he had a better chance of winning £250,000 if he bought a scratch card.

Oliver's exit was a classy one though, despite getting a tackle-like hug from Paul, who had complained about team Nebula’s tactics throughout the task.

In the cab home, he said he’d learnt a lot from the process and that his sausage empire will go on. Thank goodness for that.

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