Clinton supporters reclaim Trump's "nasty woman" insult

Natasha Clark
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Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" after she commented on his taxes last night (Source: Getty)

At the end of last night's presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the moderator asked the candidates whether they would consider increasing taxes and cutting benefits.

Clinton said she wanted to put more money into the Social Security Trust fund and would raise taxes for the wealthy, which would include her, to pay for it.

She took the chance to take a swipe at her opponent, by saying that the tax rise would affect him too, "assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it." This was a dig at Trump's comments in a previous debate that he has avoided paying taxes, a move which he said was "smart".

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This prompted the Republican candidate to interrupt to say: "such a nasty woman".

Of course Clinton fans went on the fight back immediately, with #NastyWoman trending on Twitter as a call to arms for women to join together against Trump. Someone clever even purchased the URL to redirect back to Hillary's website. Another is selling Nasty Woman tshirts, 50 per cent of the money made will go directly to Planned Parenthood in the US. Nice job.

Brands are hopping on board too, with Teen Vogue putting this on Instagram:

#Repost if you're a #NastyWoman headed to the polls to vote for your rights on November 8th. #debate

A photo posted by Teen Vogue (@teenvogue) on Oct 19, 2016 at 8:49pm PDT

Some in the UK have said that the remark is comparable to when former cabinet minister Ken Clarke called prime minister Theresa May a "bloody difficult woman" earlier this year.

You can now get that on a t-shirt too, if that's what you're into.

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