First the complimentary coffee threat, and now this. Waitrose angers customers with new free newspaper curbs

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Waitrose has announced curbs on free newspapers and free coffee in recent days (Source: Getty)

First came the threat to Middle England’s free coffee – and now this.

Waitrose has angered customers by announcing plans to increase the amount of money they have to spend before getting a free newspaper.

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That’s right – from 1 November, loyalty card members will have to spend £10, rather than the current £5, to be given a free copy of the Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Mail or Sun on a weekday. Customers already have to spend £10 to get a free weekend paper.

The move comes just days after it emerged that some of the supermarket's stores will require customers to actually BUY something in order to get a free coffee or tea.

It would be fair to say that some, at least some on social media, have taken the news badly.

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Others were more philosophical.

If only there was a free newspaper, preferably focusing on business news, distributed around the London area on weekday mornings to make up for this disaster. If only.

Waitrose said:

Like any business, we regularly review promotions to ensure we balance providing value for our customers with a return on our investment. We are still the only supermarket where if you buy a selected newspaper you will receive money off the rest of your shopping.

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