Cat votes in French presidential primary

Natasha Clark
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Gaston Lecat (this isn't him) was successfully registered to vote in the Green primaries in France (Source: Getty)

Paws for thought. A cat has cast its vote in the Green Party's primary election in France.

Gaston Lecat was added to the party's voter list for the presidential primaries by its owner, journalist Raphaëlle Besse Desmoulières.

She said she paid €5 (£4.52) to register her cat to vote in the primary election earlier this month, and no proper security checks were made to prevent this.

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All she had to do was sign up for a postal vote, state his name and date of birth, and sign a "charter of ecological values". No proof of identity is required.

"It remains to be seen whether friends of Gaston's have had the same idea," she said in a newspaper article for Le Monde. "And whether those fake registrations could change a result that could be very close."

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