How to get tickets to this year's London New Year's Eve fireworks

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Tickets for this year's firework display will go on sale next week (Source: Getty)

Tickets for New Year's Eve fireworks in London go on sale today - right now in fact!

Forget Christmas - there are only 77 sleeps to go until NYE 2016, the night the capital becomes one giant fireworks party.

Sadiq Khan has just confirmed when tickets to the massive display in central London will become available - here's everything you need to know.

Tickets? What? I thought it was all free

Not any more, sunshine. In 2014 Boris Johnson introduced a ticketing system - because health and safety.


Yep - and if you thought now Khan is mayor he might renege on that, think again. Today he reiterated that without ticketing, the event had become hugely oversubscribed, putting enormous strain on transport, infrastructure and the ability of emergency services to move around.

Elf'n'safety strikes again. So how much will it set me back?

£10 per ticket (although last year we wrote a guide to where in the capital you can watch it for free....).

And how do I get hold of tickets?

They'll go on sale today (Friday 21 October) at midday. You can get them on the website.

Where does it take place?

Although the display will be visible to spectators in the ticketed viewing areas around the river, it will be focused around the London Eye.

I only appear at London's most elite social occasions. Who will be there?

Approximately 110,000 of your closest friends - plus the 15 million viewers who watch it on TV (it's broadcast on BBC One in the UK). The mayor is also exploring the idea of using "360 degree viewing technology", more details of which will be announced in due course.

I see. And has he said anything else?

Yep. He said: “London is the best place in the world to see in the New Year and every year thousands of people watch the spectacular fireworks display on the banks of the Thames.

"My number one priority is the safety of Londoners and visitors to the capital and I want everyone to be able to enjoy this fantastic event in a way that is fun and secure. I have taken the advice of experts including the police and emergency services and am assured that ticketing is the best way to keep revellers safe on the night.

"I want everyone to be able to fully immerse themselves in the display and will be looking at ways to get people at home and around the world involved, so everyone has a great view of the London fireworks.”

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