Tesco and Unilever strike deal over Marmite price war

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The 24-hour debacle divided a nation (Source: Getty)

It's over.

After a day which divided a nation and saw (some) Britons head to their nearest supermarket to stock up on our favourite yeast-based love-it-or-hate-it spread, two of the biggest names in British retail laid down arms.

Marmite-owner Unilever said this evening:

Unilever is pleased to confirm that the supply situation with Tesco in the UK and Ireland has now been successfully resolved. We have been working together closely to reach this resolution and ensure our much-loved brands are once again fully available.

The group, whose share price stumbled today amid the row with Tesco, added: "For all those that missed us, thanks for all the love."

The consumer goods behemoth had reportedly asked Tesco to stump up an extra 10 per cent for its goods as a result of higher costs because of the falling pound. Former Unilever man and now chief executive of Tesco David Lewis, hit back, however, threatening to take the likes of Marmite, Ben and Jerry's and Dove shampoos off its shelves.

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Details of the peace settlement were not made public, although retail analysts suggested throughout the day the high-profile hit-back from Tesco against Unilever's demands was simply a negotiating tactic.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "“We always put our customers first and we’re pleased it has been resolved to our satisifaction”.

Marmite products were still listed as unavailable on Tesco's website this evening.

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