Picks of the day: The three stories to read today

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Top three picks of the day (Source: Getty)

It feels like the day is dragging, and you're probably running out of things to talk about with your colleagues, but there’s no need to fret.

We’ve put together the most interesting stories people are talking about today in bite-sized form, just to make your life that bit easier.

‘Delay Repay 15’

Here’s some good news to take you mind of the Southern strikes for a while. The Department for Transport has announced a new compensation scheme which it calls ‘Delay Repay 15’. This will allow customers to claim compensation on the cost of single train fares for delays between 15 and 29 minutes. When will this will be going into effect, and which rail services will be taking part?


Upon hearing the news that Tesco has pulled Marmite and all other Unilever brands from its website, consumers started to panic at the thought of stocks running low. But it seems the internet was more worried about the lack of Marmite than any other product. A seller on eBay has gone as far as listing a jar of the ‘love it or hate it’ stuff - for an obscene price.

Face to face meetings bring in the money

Technology has been knocked off its pedestal once again. As efficient as Skype conference calls may be for businesses, a report shows that face to face meetings are what bring the money in. Meetings make an incredible annual contribution of £193bn to the UK economy. Find out the revenue boost from face-to-face meetings in your region.

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