Shock, horror, Bovril: Here's how Twitter has reacted to Marmitegate

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Savoury Spread Used To Create Off Beat Art
Marmite: try to stay strong (Source: Getty)

A nation is in shock after Tesco said it is locked in a battle with Unilever over a potential 10 per cent price hike.

As it stands, Tesco has admitted it may start to run out of Unilever's brands, which include Dove and Persil. And experts have warned this may not be the last threatened shortage of household staples in the wake of the Brexit vote.

But consumers are only worried about one thing: Marmite. Such is the collective angst about Marmite supplies running out, Twitterers have used the hashtag #Marmitegate to tweet their worries.

Here are some of the most tragic tweets.

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Some tweeted their despair

And there was a certain amount of panic

Some gloated

For some, this was simply about survival

Others drew convenient comparisons

Some looked for opportunity in the midst of chaos

... and some just went full Dad Joke

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