Looking for a bit on the side? These are the UK's best-paying part-time jobs

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Lecturing: It's a noble profession, plus it pays loads (Source: Getty)

Looking for a bit of extra cash, or just want to reduce your hours? You're not alone - the number of people doing part-time jobs has jumped in recent years.

But now a study has found the best-paid part-time jobs - and it turns out teaching really is a rewarding career.

According to Glassdoor's analysis, university lecturer is the UK's highest-paid part-time job, with a salary of £36,513 - most than three times the paltry £11,503 the average part-time worker in the UK earns.

That's followed by business analysts, who make just shy of £29,000, and research assistants, who make £21,370.

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Job Salary
1. Lecturer £36,513
2. Business analyst £28,800
3. Research assistant £21,370
4. Teaching assistant £20,300
5. Warehouse worker £16,800
6. Tutor £16,500
7. Brand ambassador £15,020
8. Beauty consultant £15,000
9. Office assistant £14,560
10. Front desk manager £14,520

Glassdoor said jobs that didn't make the top 10 included restaurant manager, which just lost out with a salary of £14,400, and baristas, who make £13,600.

“Lecturers are often successful business people or entrepreneurs in their own right, brought in for specific experience in the world of business, politics and the arts," pointed out Diarmuid Russell, head of international at Glassdoor.

"While not everyone has a track record in the private sector, there are opportunities to be had in the academic world for people with the right skills and background.”

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