Domino's Pizza is trialling a canoe delivery service for those who live alongside rivers

Francesca Washtell
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Those living along the River Loose can get their pizzas delivered by river (Source: Domino's Pizza)

First, the new delivery trend was everything to come by bicycle, mirrored by the seemingly indomitable rise of Deliveroo (and recently re-adopted by Tesco).

But now, takeaway giant Domino's will be pushing the boundaries of pizza distribution afresh with its new, (somewhat) intrepid river service that will deliver to customers living near one of the UK's many rivers or canals.

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Domino's is trialling the new service along the River Loose in Maidstone, Kent, where a pizza "buoy" is bringing takeaway food to residents of Loose in a full wetsuit and accompanying buoyancy aid to ensure their pizzas arrive safe and dry.

No pizzas will be harmed in the making of this trial – the boxes' floating ability has been thoroughly tested, so no fast food is set to drown.

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Although the service is concentrated in the sleepy shires of Kent for the time being, perhaps we'll start seeing Domino's canoes winding their way up London's canals and the old waterways of the Docklands region. The canal boat hipsters still need their dinners after all.

On the other hand, perhaps the group will ramp up investment in the "world's first" delivery robot, which it unveiled in March.

Or maybe, just maybe, it will be quicker to stick to the roads.

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