Picks of the day: The three stories to read today

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Top three picks of the day (Source: Getty)

The end of the working day is near, and you’re probably looking for something to help take your mind of the workload.

We’ve done the legwork for you, and put together the top stories people are talking about today in bite-sized form, just to make your life that bit easier.

The most talked about moments from last night's US presidential debate

It’s fair to say last night’s debate got off to a rocky start after the two candidates declined to greet each other. The 90-minute debate saw candidates take turns to answer questions from moderators as well as the audience, but answering them appropriately proved a tough task. Here are the most shocking and off-topic moments from last night's US presidential debate

The modern day Monopoly board

Ever wondered what the properties on Monopoly would cost if the game was recreated today? We’ve got the board that reflects current house prices. The cheapest parts of the board are still the same, but properties would now cost between £500,000 and £3m - you probably saw that coming.

Prime targets for investment fraudsters

City of London police have identified those most likely to become prime targets for investment fraudsters. Men in their mid-sixties are particular targets for investment fraud, and in previous years more than £1.73bn has been lost to scammers. Find out what’s being done to tackle the problem in the City.

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