Here's what the Monopoly board of 2016 looks like

Helen Cahill
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When Monopoly was created in 1935, the price tag for a Mayfair property was just £400 - but house prices have changed a lot since then.

So if the Monopoly board was drawn up now, what would it look like?

The cheapest parts of the board are still the same, but the average price on Old Kent Road has shot up to £523,000, according to Barratt London.

But some of the locations would have to be reshuffled if the game was made today. Fleet Street, for example, would have to be reclassified as a light blue property, because the average house price in the area is now £550,000.

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Whitehall property would have to be made yellow or green; the average house price in the area is now £1,687,725 - more comparable to houses in Leicester Square than in Northumberland Road.

Here's the new ranking of London house prices by area, from the least to the most expensive:

A spokesperson from Barratt London said: "While the prospect of buying a London property for as little as £60 was never realistic, we can see how the different areas from the game have fared over time in terms of property value.

"One thing that is for sure is that all of the properties from the original game are now costing between £500,000 and £3m, making them unattainable for most people, especially first time buyers."