Make America Great Again: This is where you can buy Kenneth Bone's red knit jumper

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Kenneth Bone shot to fame for bringing some class to the US presidential debate (Source: Twitter)

Forget Donald or Hillary, Kenneth Bone was the stand-out star of the US Presidential Election debate last night.

In a sometimes shocking debate, Bone was an instant hit on Twitter when he raised the tone with an intelligent question about the candidates' energy policies.

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Bone asked: "What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimising job losses for fossil power plant workers?"

He was thanked for being "the human version of a hug" and a "genuinely decent man", because, apparently, common decency was lacking during the debate.

And the second biggest star of the debate was Kenneth Bone's red knit sweater.

So how do you get the Bone look? His red knit sweater is perfect for all occasions; Halloween, a family Christmas dinner, or trying to impress your colleagues at work. Men can get the cable zip jumper for £25 on Amazon Fashion.

Make America Great Again for just £25 (Source:

Women can emulate Twitter's newest star with a version of the jumper from Wool Overs in a "rich rose" colour.

Prove your commitment to a functioning, eco-friendly America with the Bone sweater look (Source:

And if you want regular updates from Kenneth Bone, fans can now follow him on Twitter.

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