After the Brexit vote, Open Europe has a new mission - and a new chairman

Emma Haslett
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The think tank will focus on reshaping the UK's relationship with the EU (Source: Getty)

Open Europe, the think tank which before the Brexit vote was aimed at coming up with solutions to the European Union's most pressing challenges, has unveiled a new mission statement - and a new chairman.

Today it said with formal Brexit talks due to start next year, it will begin to publish analysis on how to reshape the UK's relationship with the EU, and examine how to remake domestic policy to ensure the UK "remains open and attractive for business". The think tank billed itself as strictly non-partisan in the run-up to the EU referendum.

It also appointed Lord Wolfson of Aspley Guise - aka Next chief executive Simon Wolfson - as its new chairman, following the passing of its previous chairman and founder, Lord Leach of Fairford.

The organisation said its new programme of research will focus on the UK's relationship with the EU, the most important opportunities for trading relationships with nations outside the EU, and productive internal co-operation across areas such as immigration, research and development, cross-border investment and financial services.

"Our starting point is the promotion of democratically grounded economic, trade and investment policies which foster growth, employment and freedom under the rule of law," it said.

“Open Europe’s ambition is to build a consensus across open-minded leavers and remainers – who together now form a majority – and promote a rational public debate about how to best position Britain for the 21st century," added Wolfson.

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