Chin up: How Twitter reacted to today's sterling free fall

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A man skydives above a cityscape.
The pound sterling has taken a dramatic dive of its own today. (Source: Getty)
t’s fair to say the pound has had quite a day. The currency regained some of its losses in afternoon trading, but spent most of this morning in free fall, after an overnight flash crash.

Widely thought to be a case of either a "fat finger" or an algorithm picking up on negative Brexit stories overnight, at one point the pound fell six per cent against the dollar.

The Bank of England has said it's investigating - but at least Britons tried to see the funny side.

Here’s how Twitter reacted...

Some were reminded of the scuffle between Ukip MEPs Mike Hookem and Stephen Woolfe

There were some more avant-garde explanations of the crash

This Theresa May parody account had great fun with the news

Really, really good fun

Others drew comparisons with the recent dive in Twitter’s share price

Some pointed out the new £5 note’s ability to shrink was pretty allegorical

Some looked on the bright side

One user pointed out sterling’s progress looked familiar

The whole thing was making some people feel a little nostalgic

Others were more cynical

In fact, quite a few were

Some pointed out the pun-tential

Theresa May got another mention

It was bad news for those going abroad - but some Twitter users were kind enough to suggest alternatives

Some blamed a recent Tony Blair interview for sterling's downward spiral

Strategists kept their sense of humour, though

Others were more hyperbolic

Sometimes, though, all you need is a cat video

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