Premier League shirt sponsors quiz: Do you know what these Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Sunderland sponsors do?

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Do you know what former Manchester United sponsor Aon specialised in?

Shirt sponsorships generate Premier League clubs millions in commercial revenue every season.

According to industry estimates, last season the Premier League's clubs made a massive £260m from splaying corporate brand names and logos across their sacred sporting tapestries.

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After enough hours in front of Sky Sports and Match of the Day, teams' sponsors can become branded into football fans' brain forever.

Remember when Newcastle were good and almost won the Premier League? Then you'll remember the Newcastle Brown Ale logo brandished on Alan Shearer's chest. Had a pint of Carlsberg at any point in the last two decades? It's probable Liverpool's red shirt will have flashed across your subconscious as you sipped the lager.

But beer companies aside, how many sponsors actually make an impact beyond name recognition? You might know what team a company has partnered with - but do you know what they actually do?

Test your knowledge with our quiz below.

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What do former Aston Villa sponsor Acorns do?

Remember when Aston Villa were good? Martin O'Neill gave clearly defined roles to Ashley Young, Gareth Barry, James Milner and Gabby Agbonlahor - but what did sponsor from 2007-2010 Acorns do?

What does current Boro sponsor Ramsdens do?

Ramsdens has sponsored Middlesbrough since 2011, but what financial service do they offer?

What did Everton's iconic sponsor Danka make?

Everton had the name American company DANKA imprinted across their shirt in the mid '90s - but which of these popular products did the company make?

What did Sunderland sponsor Reg Vardy do?

Kevin Phillips, Niall Quinn and Reg Vardy - three names synonymous with Sunderland's early 2000 Premier League period. The former two provided goals, but what about Reg?

Can you guess what former Liverpool sponsor Candy did?

Liverpool wore Candy on their shirts the last time they won the league. What did the sponsor make?

What did Charlton sponsor RedBus do?

Hint: They weren't a predecessor of Routemaster...

What about West Ham sponsor XL?

Before going bust and being removed from West Ham's shirts, what did sponsor XL do?

Can you remember what former Spurs sponsor Autonomy do?

Autonomy paid Spurs £20m to appear on their shirts - where did they get that money from?

What did old Chelsea sponsor Amiga make?

Back when cars were parked around the edge of the Stamford Bridge pitch and way before Roman Abramovich ploughed millions into the club Chelsea were sponsored by Amiga. What did they make?

How much do you know about former Manchester United sponsor Aon?

Manchester United were sponsored by Aon for four seasons between 2011 and 2014. But what are Aon?

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