More than four in 10 of us have indulged in an office romance according to Match

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It may not have worked out for Brad and Angelina, but the appeal of workplace romances has been too strong for nearly half of us.

More than four in 10 of us (43 per cent) have been involved in an office romance, according to new research from Match.

From slipping out for a break together at lunchtime, sneaking glances across the photocopier and steadfastly avoiding eye contact during meetings, it would seem office pairings are even more common than previously thought.

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There are an average of six co-working couples dating at each company in the UK. If you don’t know who the sneaky pairs are in your office, start digging now.

Love is most in the air at, perhaps surprisingly, the civil service, where there are an average of 10.7 relationships in each office.

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Financial services, however, come in a close second with nine relationships (we all know what that trading floor can do to a person), while IT and government came in third and fourth with 8.2 relationships per office (RPO).

Publishing and sales-focused businesses are apparently the least loved-up workplaces, with 3.5 and 4.1 RPOs respectively.

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On the other hand, rather than thinking of sales and publishing teams as a little less sweet, in reality they are probably just a little less awkward and emotionally scarred from drunken fumbles that can be the less-than-happy ending for some.

But then again, Barack and Michelle Obama have made it work, and The Capitalist’s celeb couple template, Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, have too.

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