On National Poetry Day, City A.M. turns its searing newswriting hand to something more artistic

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It's National Poetry Day - you may have seen - so while simultaneously reporting the biggest business stories and breaking news, City A.M. journalists have written a few lines of poetry to cover some of the major talking points in recent days.

Vice reporter Francesca Washtell offers 'Sin Haiku':

Booze, cigs, sugar, bets,

Vice would seem to have it all,

Except for detox.

Oliver Gill has penned a pension poem:

Pension discussions to many are boring

Not uncommon to get people snoring

But when it comes to Tom McPhail

He can really tell a tale

And people look at him oh-so adoring.

Caitlin Morrison charts Michael Gove's fall from grace:

Michael Gove had a lot of big gripes

With lefty, Remainiac types

But when we voted Brexit

He was told "there's the exit"

And his career? It went straight down the pipes.

Digital editor Emma Haslett is Yellen about something:

There was a lady from New York

At hiking rates she used to baulk

But as D-day approached,

PMI's 50 was broached

And now she looks more like a hawk.

Tom Welsh queries Theresa May's desire for greater state intervention:

There once was a Prime Minister called May,

Out of Brexit she decided to make hay,

She increased the state

Until she realised too late

There was no one left able to pay.

Here's Jake Cordell, with a delightful limerick on the less delightful fall of the pound:

There once was some money called sterling

It was doing just fine under Merlin

Then Mark came along

Brexit went wrong

And now the pound's turned quite toe-curling.

Steve Dinneen is City A.M.'s Life and Style editor:

There’s a lifestyle team

We work around the corner

Don’t forget we’re here

Frank Dalleres saw fit to commemorate a 67-day career as England football manager:

There once was a coach called Big Sam

Who hubristically got in a jam

He blabbed to reporters

Then he got marching orders

Just like he did at West Ham.

Steve Hogarty wrote about Amber Rudd's new policies but unfortunately we can't repeat it.

Deputy business features editor Harriet Green talks up a bold, new Ed Miliband:

After flopping, a tombstone ass

Ed Miliband has discovered some sass

Bang on 'bout Theresa

Called her 'Marxist intervener'

Shame his plans are even more crass.

Billy Bambrough's rhymes are more Kanye than Keats.

High drug prices making execs sweaty

regulators busy planning busts already

but never fear, it’s just Martin Shkreli​

Tracey Boles goes long on Deutsche Bank in 'Ode to DB'

Too big,

Or too big to fail?

That is the question

Which ails

A German bank

Whose share price sank

When talk of a fine

Made investors whine

And journalists opine

A lot.