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Speaking an additional language could earn you a bigger pay packet (Source: Getty)

If you're looking to improve your CV, picking up a new language might just be the easiest way to stand out from the crowd.

It's no secret that people who speak several languages are invaluable in the workplace.

That being said, some languages may offer better opportunities. Job search engine Adzuna analysed over a million job postings and found that some languages can get people higher salaries than others.

To make it easier for you to learn a new language, and land yourself that dream job or promotion, we ranked the best languages to pick up from e-course provider, Udemy. Have a look:

9. Mandarin

The average salary for Mandarin speakers is £28,268, and it's also the seventh most in-demand language with over 1,246 vacancies. It's all rather unsurprising as China's economy is flourishing right now, which means there are loads of openings for the right people.

8. Italian

Those who pick up Italian have an average salary of £28,723, and it's the fourth most in-demand language with over 2,460 vacancies. This online course is lead by native speaker Manu Venditti, and will get anyone to speak at an intermediate level in no time at all.

7. Russian

Russia is one of the fastest-growing UK exports, which makes this language a great one to add to your CV. The median salary for those who speak Russian is £28,858. This course has over 4,571 students enrolled and a 4.2/5 rating on Udemy.

6. Japanese

Speakers of this language have a median salary of £28,954. This course is a great way to start on the basics; you will learn how to speak, read, and even write modern Japanese.

5. Spanish

Spanish is the third most in-demand language on Adzuna's list, with 3,106 vacancies in the UK and one of the highest median salaries at £29,262. It's also one of the four most-spoken languages in the world, which could come in handy if you travel quite a bit.

4. Dutch

This one may be surprising, but Dutch places fourth in the highest-paying jobs with an average salary of £29,423. It's also the fifth most in-demand language with 1,865 job vacancies.

3. French

As France is right on our doorstep, it comes to no surprise that French will get you the third highest salary with an average pay of £32,646. It's also the second most in-demand language with 6,149 job openings.

2. Arabic

Those who speak Arabic can pat themselves on the back for speaking the second best-paid language in the UK, although the median salary of £34,122 might be enough of a reward. Although Arabic is a rather daunting language to learn, this course aims to make it easy to learn the basics and progress fast.

1. German

If there's one language you should pick up to boost your career, it's German. It tops both the highest-paid language list and the most in-demand ranking with a median salary of £34,534 and 6,800 vacancies, respectively. Not really surprising considering Germany has strong business ties with the UK.

Ingo Depner leads this course, and although the price of "German Made Simple" is rather steep, it's one of the most well-rounded online courses out there.

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