London speeds to the top of 4G mobile ranking

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The 4G network was launched to great fanfare by EE in 2012
The 4G network was launched to great fanfare by EE in 2012 (Source: Getty)

Londoners are almost twice as likely to get a 4G mobile signal than the rest of the country, a new report suggests.

The capital is a long way ahead of other regions, with 70 per cent 4G coverage, compared to just 35 per cent in Wales.

This may not be surprising to many, with coverage in London having previously found to be better than elsewhere in the country.

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The State of Mobile Networks report from consumer group Which? said it is often still “difficult to come by a 4G signal in the UK”.

4G is the latest iteration of mobile network technology and designed to speed up connections on mobile, tablets, and laptops as users increasingly access videos, maps, and social networking sites on the move. It wasn’t all good news for London however.

While London has the best access to 4G, it had the lowest average 4G speed. On average London’s 4G speed was 18.8Mbps – the worst of anywhere across the UK. Northern Ireland’s 23.3Mbps was the fastest average speed. The report put this down to greater demand for 4G in the capital, which causes congestion that drags down speeds.

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A recent report from industry watchdog Ofcom found that more than 45 per cent of mobile connections were on a 4G service at the end of 2015, with the figure expected to rise along with demand for faster internet on the go.

Earlier this year telecoms giant BT pledged to invest "around" £6bn over the next three years to ramp up the UK's superfast broadband and 4G coverage.

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