NBA 2K17 games review: Enjoy the specific acoustics at your favourite stadium while you conquer the basketball world

Sam White
A CGI man from Detroit shooting some b-ball outside of school (not pictured: a couple of guys getting up to no good)
NBA 2K17

Platforms: XBO, PS4, PC

2K Sports’ NBA series rarely fails to deliver an authentic experience.

Even without a rival nipping at its heels (EA’s own floundering NBA games often don’t even reach the shores of our b-ball ambivalent island), it continues to improve year on year.

With NBA 2K17 the developer has tightened its grasp on the game, turning out one of the most creative sports games you can play today. Changes this time around are subtle, but still noticeable.

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The MyCareer mode is still the focal point, but improvements to the overall authenticity of the presentation are fantastic, bringing back familiar TV crews that fans will love, and doing so with uncanny realism.

The same goes for audio presentation, too; crowds have been recorded to sound like they would in their real arenas, so you can have a go at spotting the difference in acoustics between Chicago Stadium and Madison Square Garden, if that’s what you’re into. On the court, ball control, combos and shooting are all even more precise, and contact between players has been improved, bringing more physical heft.

2K17 shows exactly why no other developer has had the b-balls to take them on at their own game.

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