People living in this place are the happiest workers in the UK

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People are more satisfied with work than others (Source: Getty)

Looking for the best work-life balance? Then head to Brighton.

Residents of the coastal town are more fulfilled at work than any other place in the country, with almost half saying they are satisfied with their job.

Glasgow and Leeds were close behind, with 45 per cent saying they are content, according to a survey of more than 10,000 professionals by LinkedIn.

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Those living in Norwich were found to be the least satisfied workers.

Where do Britain's happiest workers live?

1. Brighton

=2. Glasgow

=2. Leeds

=4 Manchester

=4 Sheffield

6. Edinburgh

=7. Birmingham

=7. Southampton

=9. London

=9. Liverpool

=9. Cardiff

“Having a fulfilling job can have a big impact on overall happiness and success at work, but it appears that career satisfaction is eluding thousands of Brits," said Danielle Restivo of LinkedIN, whic is launching a new feature which allows people to indicate to recruiters they are looking for a new job without it being visible on their profile or to they're current employer.

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Workers at smaller companies were found to be happier than those at larger firms while more than half of UK workers said they were willing to take a pay cut to increase their happiness in working life.

However, while cash is king for workers, relationships with colleagues mattered just as much in whether they were happy in their job.

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