After last week's Tube Chat abomination, now a group of tourists wants to hug Britons because they're "awkward"

Nina Edy
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After last week's misjudged attempt by an American to persuade Tube commuters to speak to one another, now a group of tourists is physically invading Britons’ personal space with hugs. Shudder.

A group of friends who travel around the world “saying yes to unique experiences” (their words, not ours), kicked off their time in London by welcoming strangers arriving at Heathrow Airport with a hug.

Travelling from the US (but hailing from Egypt, Turkey and France), the group, who call themselves “Yes Theory”, said they had heard the British were “very uptight”.

Bafflingly, they decided to challenge this by reenacting the famous opening scene from Love Actually, holding a sign saying: "No-one waiting for you? Come in for a hug... Welcome to LHR”

Unsurprisingly, people initially avoided the group, who were dressed in suits, although arrivals apparently slowly warmed up to the boys and the hugs began flooding in.

The group said it hopes this will serve as a reminder that “the world isn't as dangerous a place as it seems, and that strangers can still trust and be kind to each other”.

This, coming from a group which has done everything from wrestling with Mexican luchadores to taking a Christmas card picture with Justin Trudeau...

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