Amber Rudd could be met with tough opposition from the City in her immigration crackdown

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Amber Rudd is under pressure to cut net migration
Amber Rudd is under pressure to cut net migration (Source: Getty)

Home Secretary Amber Rudd yesterday committed to consulting with businesses on her plan to cut net migration by hundreds of thousands in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Rudd, who campaigned passionately for the Remain side, will likely face stiff opposition from City leaders and tech companies as Brexit negotiations progress, as they are expected to resist further hurdles to employing skilled migrants.

Rudd will target non-EU migrants reach a net migration target of “tens of thousands” first pledged by former prime minister David Cameron. It is currently at ten times that amount.

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However the migrant gatekeeper said highly-skilled and key workers from the EU will be exempt, so to calm the waters in the UK economy as Brexit economic volatility remains a threat.

“Although we will want to control immigration there are areas we can do that without damaging our economy. We do not want to have a post Brexit plan that diminishes our economy. We are going to consult with business.”

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Prime Minister Theresa May said the Brexit vote was a message that immigration levels should be curbed.

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