This former Apprentice contestant wants to invest £150,000 in a homeless person's business idea

Emma Haslett
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Raj Dhonota on The Apprentice in 2005
Raj Dhonota was a contestant in the first series of The Apprentice (Source: YouTube)

It's unlikely it would set Lord Alan's world alight - but one of his former Apprentices has decided to do his bit by creating what he calls a "Homeless-Preneur".

Raj Dhonota, who was a contestant in the first series of The Apprentice back in 2005, said he has £150,000 to invest in the business idea of one homeless person with a good idea.

Or, in the words of a press release: "Mr Dhonota has put together a campaign whereby new solutions and methods will be applied to spread awareness through which a candidate of homeless status will receive an investment of up to £150,000 for pitching a successful idea to build a business."

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Dhonota said he will also "supervise" the lucky Homeless-Preneur throughout the process.

"The goal is to rebuild this person's life for them to be independent and financially stable hopefully creating a chain of helping hands," the statement continued. Ahhh.

Unfortunately, the press release didn't include quite important details like how to enter the competition, and when and where the pitching will take place.

Still, you could do worse than kicking back watching Dhonota in his heyday. Perhaps it'll give aspiring Homeless-Preneurs a clue...

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