Do you live in London's happiest borough?

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Some Londoners are happier than others (Source: Getty)

Looking to find a happy life in London? Then these are the places to move to...

Residents of Redbridge, Richmond and Newham are the happiest Londoners, while those in Greenwich, Lambeth and Islington are the least content.

Barnet, Kingston and Kensington also ranked highly for happiness, while Haringey, Camden and Croydon were among the lowest in the city.

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London's top 5 happiest boroughs

1. Redbridge

2. Richmond

3. Newham

4. Barnet

5. Kingston

London's top 5 unhappiest boroughs

1. Greenwich

2. Lambeth

3. Islington

4. Haringey

5. Camden

Overall, the happiness of those living in the capital has increased in the past year, according to the latest official figures on the nation's wellbeing from 7.38 to 7.41, and up from 7.20 in 2012 when the figures first began being collected.

However, it trails behind most areas of the country, except for the north east and north west, and falls behind the national average for happiness of 7.48, a figure which is also up on last year.

For anyone looking to locate to the happiest place in Britain, a trip to the Outer Hebrides is in order, while the title of unhappiest place in Britain goes to East Northamptonshire.

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Meanwhile, anxiety among Londoners, another factor measured in the Office for National Statistics' personal wellbeing survey, is higher and rising faster than the rest of the country. Anxiety in London inched up from 3.02 last year to 3.04 this year, while across the UK it inched up, on average, from 2.86 to 2.87. However, anxiousness has dropped in the capital and across the UK since 2012.

As well as feeling the happiest, residents of Barnet and Newham are also among the least anxious, while those living in Greenwich are both the least happy and most anxious.

Top 5 most anxious boroughs in London

1. Hammersmith

2. Sutton

3. Greenwich

4. Islington

5. Kensington

Top 5 least anxious boroughs in London

1. Enfield

2. Barnet

3. Newham

4. Brent

5. Waltham Forest