Wireless broadband provider Relish launches same-day broadband service

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The same day delivery will incur a £20 fee (Source: Getty)

Rising demand for same day delivery services has spread to the broadband market.

London wireless broadband provider Relish has announced it will deliver its 4G router by same day delivery, if orders are placed before 12pm.

The announcement comes amid rising criticism of how long it takes some of the UK's biggest internet service providers to get customers online.

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Bridget Lorimer, head of brand at Relish, said:

Consumers have come to expect instant convenience, be it from taxis, same day Amazon deliveries, restaurant food at home, and even help around the house. We see no reason why broadband shouldn’t be the same.

We were the first to bring Londoners a broadband service that didn’t require them to pay for landlines they don’t want or need, and we are proud to be the first to bring same day broadband to the market. It’s absurd that time-poor Londoners have to take time off work to wait for broadband.

In 2014, 57 per cent of Londoners reported they had to wait anything between three days and one month for a home broadband connection, while a study from Relish revealed 39 per cent of Londoners have been forced to take anything from half a day to more than two days off work in order to have their internet installed.

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