It's official: Mobile roaming charges will be dropped entirely

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Holidaymakers will no longer have to pay to use thier phone abroad (Source: Getty)

Consumers will no longer be charged at all for using their mobile phone abroad under new EU rules agreed today.

Plans to cap the number of days that roaming would be free to 90 days, or 30 consecutive days, have been scrapped by officials, who said there should be no limit in terms of the timing or volume of calls.

The draft rules were agreed by the European Commission and will come into full effect by 15 June 2017 after getting the official seal of approval in December.

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"Commission action on roaming prices has delivered for European consumers. Today's draft rules ensure we can end roaming charges for all people who travel periodically in the EU, while ensuring that operators have the tools to guard against abuse of the rules," said commissioner for the digital economy and society Gunther Oettinger.

It had earlier suggested the time limit be added which would have still meant charges for anyone using their phone abroad more than 90 days in a year, or 30 days in a row. However, outcry over the change resulted in the rethink.

Consumers will be charged the same price for calls and other services made within the the EU as they would in their home country.

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