Tony Blair is to close his business consultancy so he can spend (most of) his time doing pro-bono work

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Tony Blair won three consecutive elections for Labour before handing over to Gordon Brown in 2007 (Source: Getty)

Tony Blair has revealed that he will close down his business consultancy operation to do mostly pro-bono work.

Blair announced today that 80 per cent of his time will be spent on free work following the closure of the operation.

“Substantial reserves” built up by Tony Blair Associates will also be handed to not-for-profit operations, including charities focused on Africa and the Middle East.

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In an email sent to staff earlier today, Blair said that he would retain “a small number” of personal consultancies for his own income.

Over the nine years since he launched the business, Blair has built up a network of 200 staff at 20 locations around the world.

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However, he has also faced substantial criticism over work advising the government of Kazakhstan, and potential conflicts with his role as a Middle East peace envoy.

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