Nigel Farage tells Ukip that Theresa May is not going far enough on Brexit

Helen Cahill
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Farage's successor will be announced today (Source: Getty)

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said Prime Minister Theresa May is not going far enough with her Brexit agenda.

Speaking at the Ukip party conference in Bournemouth today, Farage said that without strong opposition from the Labour party "the temptation of the Prime Minister will be to go for a soft Brexit".

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He said May intended to take back "some control" of the UK's borders, but not total control, and claimed the home secretary Amber Rudd is "still fighting the referendum".

"No, Prime Minister, we voted to take back control of our borders, simple as that," he said.

As soon as he stepped onto the stage at the Ukip conference, Farage hailed the outcome of the EU referendum, saying: "We did it, we got our country back."

"It felt like a fairy tale that had come true," he said. "And we've brought down the Prime Minister, and we've got rid of a chancellor."

Ukip supporters applauded loudly as Farage approached the stage. One shouted: "Thank you, thank you, you bring me hope."

Farage resigned as Ukip leader in July after he achieved his political ambition to take Britain out of the European Union. The candidates to succeed him include MEPs Diane James and Bill Etheridge, councillor Lisa Duff and Liz Jones and Philip Broughton.

A result is expected at 13:35 today.

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It's been a tough race to the finish line; two of the would-be leaders were knocked out off the running in August.

Steven Woolfe, once the favourite to win, missed the deadline to enter his papers online and Jonathan Arnott withdrew later in the month because he wasn't convinced he could win.

Farage has not publicly endorsed any of the candidates and has said he will now focus on his job as an MEP to ensure Britain gets the best possible deal in its negotiations with the EU.

UKIP leadership - the candidates:

  1. Philip Broughton - former conservative councillor, Broughton defected to UKIP in 2011 and stood in the general election last year, narrowly losing to Labour MP Iain Wright.
  2. Lisa Duffy - a town and district councillor in Cambridgeshire who joined UKIP in 2004.
  3. Bill Etheridge - a former Conservative activist, now a UKIP MEP who thinks the party should stick to its core values.
  4. Diane James - MEP for South East England who is currently UKIP's deputy chair.
  5. Elizabeth Jones - deputy chair of UKIP's branch in Lamberth, Jones came fifth in Tooting's by-election in July.