Five things we learned about Mark Carney when schoolchildren grilled him on live TV

Helen Cahill
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Carney was forced to back away from the tougher questions (Source: Getty)

Bank of England governor Mark Carney is used to being grilled by journalists, but today he faced questions from schoolchildren and they didn't pull their punches.

The children were putting the Canadian on the spot as part of a Q&A session hosted on the BBC. Jay, 13, went straight for the jugular, asking Carney: "Who is easier to work with, David Cameron or Theresa May?"

Cracking under the pressure, Carney was forced to dodge the question, answering: "They are both very professional and easy to work with."

Here are five things were learned from Carney's session in Coventry:

1. He was nicknamed "Carnage" when he was younger. Another nickname, also based on his last name, was "Carnival."

2. Turns out the BoE governor is a massive hipster. If he could spend all of the UK's money on one thing, it would be vintage records.

3. Young people can't save? Take note millennials - if Carney could go back and give his younger self financial advice, it would be to take a portion of the money he had saved and put it in an equity fund, or "something that wasn't just a pure savings vehicle. Something that was higher risk."

4. He talks up home country. When asked which would be the best country for the UK to trade with when it leaves the EU, Carney said: "Canada, of course."

5. Shockingly, Carney is not a fan of UK grime music. Responding to whether he prefers Skepta or Craig David, Carney said: "I can't pretend to know enough to answer that."

Very important things we now know about Mark Carney:

  • Dream job: Ice hockey goalie, NHL
  • Favourite TV show: Bake Off
  • Favourite film: Gallipoli
  • Favourite food: Pizza
  • Spender or saver? "Saver."
  • Is he a cat or a dog man? "Dogs, but I have a cat. I have been out-voted in the household."
  • How much money does he have on him right this second? "I have the new fiver in my pocket and £40 in my bag."

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