Seat and Cosmopolitan magazine have designed a special lady car for ladies

Emma Haslett
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Some ladies sit on a flight of steps near the front end of a purple Seat Mii
It's daring. It's edgy. It's purple. (Source: Seat)

Are you a female driver who doesn't feel your vehicle is "sophisticated" or "chic" enough? Never fear - for Seat has worked with Cosmopolitan to create the Mii city car, a runaround which will suit your delicate feminine sensibilities.

The pair said today that, as the cars we drive are a reflection of our personalities, they had spent 18 months creating one which "understands the feminine side and lifestyle of the 'fun and fearless' Cosmo girl".

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The Mii is "dynamic, stylish and versatile, with a daring, edgy appeal" and "reflects a bold, audacious lifestyle", according to the companies.

With a "frugal" one-litre, 75 horsepower engine and features including a DriveMii app which controls the infotainment system, the car comes in two colours - Violetto (purple) or Candy White.

Although the devil is in the details: "Candy White is a smooth tone, while Violetto has an elegant, pearlescent finish, achieved by carefully choosing colour pigments, revealing the ‘flip,’ or light, and the ‘flop,’ or dark, tones," said the release.

"Even its headlights have an ‘eyeliner’ shape, emphasised in the same way as make-up emphasises the eye. The jewelled, bi-colour alloy wheels work in harmony, offering a surprise sparkle."

"Not only did we strive to create an elegant car, it is designed to be a bold, personal ally for the driver, with amazing solutions that are functional and intuitive," enthused Susanne Franz, Seat's global marketing director. Well, at least they didn't make it pink...