The Beatles: Eight Days A Week review: Ron Howard has made the definitive Beatles documentary

James Luxford
The Beatles: Eight Days A Week

Eight Days A Week is a fascinating look at a vital few years in the story of The Fab Four, covering their initial success, Beatlemania, and the unprecedented American success that caught a country unawares.

Films about The Beatles often struggle to capture why they made such an impact. In Ron Howard's film archive footage is edited into a touching linear narrative, bringing to the fore the human side of these four cheeky young Liverpudlians struggling with sudden fame.

As well as gorgeously remastered concert footage and emotional interviews, there’s a genuine effort to give voices to the people behind the teen screams. Particularly fascinating is Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr's recollections of the infamous Shea Stadium concert, in which the band attempted to drown out the hysteria using their woefully inadequate speaker rig. Funny, inspiring and superbly crafted, Ron Howard has made the definitive Beatles documentary.